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Law Acts

Our society revolves around a system called bureaucracy. This system by nature aims to promote peace and harmony in the society by implementing different laws that are geared towards the betterment of the people who succumbs to this policy. The bureaucratic system makes certain that chaotic situations will be avoided so that people would continue to adhere to these laws that they are imposing. Laws govern the land. People in the bureaucracy create and implements law but law is what normal people follow. Laws are the one codified and agreed upon by the majority if not the whole mass.

Laws are controversial because they collide with other aspects of society that it had promoted. Laws are codified traditions and norms therefore mirrors the way of living of the people somehow. They are the rules. Law making, policy implementation, effect, creation, etc.; these became favorite topics for researches.

A type of essay that basically focuses on laws is a law essay. As said, law essays focuses on laws; all aspects that can be related to law. May it be on comparing laws, bureaucratic systems, adherence and the conception of law (modern or traditional?). Moreover, law crosses politics in terms of governance and economics. So anything that concerns politics concerns laws.


In creating law essays, you should also take not of your language. It should be simple, clear and concise to make it more agreeable to the reading public. But if your essay is geared towards people who live law like lawyers, judges and the likes who could easily comprehend jargons you could use complicated words to add authority to your work. Yet you cannot make your work go around only one small idea because it would not be that not carry much stress. You should have one main idea then supporting ones that will explain the law related issue that you chose.


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